Private post-secondary institutions that provide educational services in the State of New Mexico are subject to either the New Mexico Post-Secondary Educational Institution Act (Section 21-23-1 et seq. NMSA 1978) or the Interstate Distance Education Act (Section 21-23B-1 et seq. NMSA 1978) and can use this site to apply for State Authorization or submit other required applications to comply with State regulations. Students may request transcripts of closed schools where the New Mexico Higher Education Department is the designated custodian of records or may file complaints against any post-secondary institution that provides educational services in our State.

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      Latest Rules:

  • 5.99.1 NMAC      The Interstate Distance Education Act
  • 5.99.2 NMAC     Closure of a Distance Education Institution
  • 5.100.5 NMAC   Exemption under the Post-Secondary Educational Institution Act
  • 5.100.6 NMAC   Registration under the Post-Secondary Educational Institution Act
  • 5.100.7 NMAC   Licensure under the Post-Secondary Educational Institution Act
  • 5.100.8 NMAC   Closure or Substantial Change under the Act

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    Student Transcript Requests: 

  • For closed schools (click link to see all closed schools) that had once a physical presence in New Mexico and the Higher Education Department of New Mexico was the designated custodian of records, students can request student transcripts from the New Mexico Higher Education Department. Please note that it will take up to 10 business days to process your request once payment has been received.

      Student Complaints:

  • Students with complaints or grievances against an institution should first seek to resolve their complaint or grievance directly with the institution in accordance with the institution's complaint or grievance policy. If a student is not satisfied with an institution's resolution, a complaint may be submitted to the Department in writing on the following form:   



















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